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Benefits of working in partnership with a recruitment business

Why use a specialist recruitment business? Finding the perfect candidate can be challenging and the time taken to hire can be lengthy and drawn out. For hiring managers or decision makers who are pushed for time, it can be a constant and unwanted distraction.  In this respect, finding the right recruitment business to work with can be vital in reducing the headache and time taken to actively source and screen the right individuals.  The benefits of working in...

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Why research is essential at interview stage

In today’s competitive marketing, getting to interview stage and moving to second interview/offer stage can be extremely hard work. But in almost half of the cases, it is the interviewee who lets themselves down, either by being ill prepared, late, or forgetting things like the name of the interviewer – in essence, failing to do the necessary background work.Apart from the skills aspect, interviewers do not hire people who fail to demonstrate they have researched their company. It...

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Why More Employers are Adopting Agile Working

"Digital Transformation" or the drive towards a more innovative world has transformed not just the way people perform in their roles, but the physical workspace too. Most public sector bodies are focussed on upping their digital transformation, and adopting agile working.Just one of the trends that has pushed into the mainstream is the desire for more "agile working" practices. This doesn't mean people telecommuting or only visiting the office part-time, instead, it's a professional process...

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