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Simple ways to promote a healthy work environment

Exciting times ahead at Harris Burns ! Due to a phenomenal year we are taking on two new members of staff, so promoting a healthy work environment is top of our agenda. We hope you enjoy our latest blog post, which covers simple and effective ways to promote a happy, healthy workforce.  Staff retention and supporting employees is becoming a critical element in promoting a healthy work environment. Supporting and engaging with your workforce is key to getting the best out of them....

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5 Steps to Switching Off From Work When You Are On Leave

Taking a break from work should mean time to relax and recuperate, however, for many, taking time off can cause stress and anxiety. To compensate, many of us continue to work whilst away, checking emails and picking up bits of work when we should be relaxing.We commend anyone with such passion and care for their work, however, time away is so important for your health and wellbeing. If you’re not switching off you could end up burning out further down the line. Remember, a re-energized,...

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How To Resign Gracefully

Firstly...Congratulations, you have found a new position and cannot wait to move on to this new and exciting opportunity ~ but while there may be many interesting ways to tell your current boss you are leaving, make sure you don’t burn any bridges. Resigning can be an emotional time, you may have worked at the company for many years and have developed a strong sense of loyalty, or you may have no interest in returning to your present employer ever again!  However, you never know when...

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