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Why Values and Ethics Are Critical For Public Sector Organisatio

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, public sector organisations must acknowledge that today's employees are looking for more than just financial reward.  Research carried out by consultancy Global Tolerance found that almost half of the UK workforce surveyed wanted to work for an organisation that had a positive impact on the world.  Meaningful work has overtaken salary as the deciding factor for many job...

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Is Your Mindset Halting Your Third Sector Career Plans?

"A fixed mindset limits achievement. It fills people's minds with interfering thoughts, it makes effort disagreeable, and it leads to inferior learning strategies."   Carol Dweck, 'Mindset: The New Psychology of Success' There can be no doubt that to achieve success in your third sector career requires adaptability, expertise and enthusiasm. Skills and experience are critical to the mix, but an additional element to these requirements is also...

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Why Effective Recruitment Is The First Step To Talent Retention

In the Public Sector, it's vital to acknowledge that the retention of talented individuals begins with an effective recruitment process. Of course, new employees bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to an organisation, but losing key talent can see employers lose the in-depth knowledge and experience that only time brings to an individual.  For public sector organisations, retaining employees is essential to...

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