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How to Turn Procrastination Into Action in Your Third Sector Rol

Some people find themselves writing list after list, without ever getting round to undertaking the majority of actions on the list in front of them – does this sound familiar? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your seemingly never-ending to-do list, it might be that you are procrastinating more than you are taking action.  Individuals who work in the third sector are incredibly passionate about their roles. Because of this, it can be easy for them...

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How to Conduct a Successful Video Interview

At Harris Burns, we’ve been utilising video interviews for years. We’re experts in remote recruiting, a process which is more critical now than ever. Over the last few months, while it’s been business as usual for the Harris Burns team, we’ve been helping our clients navigate the world of virtual interviews.  Today I want to share my expert advice surrounding video interviews so that you can keep your recruitment...

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How to Spot Untapped Talent in the Third Sector

The Third Sector is going through a talent crisis, with many organisations struggling to attract and recruit the right people. As people are pivotal to your organisational success, it's critical to ensure you are both recruiting and retaining the best talent possible for your charity. And with the latest CIPD Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey reporting that not-for-profit organisations find qualified professionals the hardest category of...

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