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Easy steps to writing an engaging cover letter

Getting a cover letter right can be as important as perfecting your CV. It is a way of introducing yourself to the employer and is a way to expand upon your CV. It is possible that some recruiters will receive hundreds of CV’s and applications a day, so your cover letter gives you an opportunity to stand out from the rest of the crowd, but with only a few paragraphs it needs to be good to get their attention. 1.  Before your start Before you launch into the creation of your...

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Struggling to write a personal profile – here are our top tips!

Composing the core components of your CV, like employment history and education, should be a relatively straightforward task, but how do you make your CV stand out from the rest of the crowd? Adding a personal profile to your CV could give it the extra “pizzazz” to help you secure that all important interview and role. 1.  What is a Personal Profile A personal profile, or personal statement, CV profile or career aim, is basically an overview of your career portfolio....

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Diversity and inclusion - 6 step to create a culture of equality

Diversity in the work place goes beyond gender and race, it comes down to the often ‘unseen’ exclusions, that only a shift in culture can address and improve.  Increasingly, employers are coming to recognise the business benefits of improving the level of diversity and inclusion within their workforce.1.    Understanding the definitions and how this can positively impact your workforceDiversity is about valuing, recognising, respecting, and including...

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