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5 Simple Steps to Managing a Better Online Profile

Have you Googled yourself recently? Whether you are looking for a new role in the public or third sector or would like to establish yourself as a professional and build your reputation, your online profile is significant. So, if you want to climb the career ladder or establish your credentials as a knowledgeable sector individual, it's vital that you maintain and manage an excellent online profile.  In today's post, I will share a...

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How to Lead a Multigenerational Workforce to Success

Like many other sectors, the public sector workplace is changing when it comes to the age of its employees. Many people decide to retire either earlier or later, and different generations are attracted to the public sector and not for profit organisations because they embrace diversity and inclusion. Therefore, it’s becoming more common for managers to find themselves leading and developing a multigenerational team. Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers,...

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Is Your Comfort Zone Holding Back Your Career?

Comfort zones exist for a reason.  They keep us safe from danger, provide a sense of peace and safety, and give us confidence knowing no nasty surprises are lurking in our everyday lives. And as such, they are perfect for protecting us from making rash decisions, getting into awkward situations or risking embarrassing ourselves with impulsive actions.  But the downside of your comfort zone...

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